Our Story

Capco Steel, Inc. was founded on September 17th, 1985 for the specific purpose of self-storage construction. Since our inception we have exceeded the needs of our self-storage customers and have taken that business model and success to other types of commercial construction. We have been involved in the construction of more than 70 million square feet of self-storage, commercial and industrial construction in 32 states.

Our Experience

Capco has the experience developed over the years that has given us the expertise to assist you in answering all of your questions from concept to completion. We will diligently work with you through countless decisions to provide services for every step of your project. We can ship from many different locations to guarantee you timely and economic deliveries.

Our Values


Our team provides high quality communication with our clients and develops quality projects that exceed expectations.


We are committed to doing the right thing in the right way without hesitation.


Each team member provides thorough, reliable communication, meeting deadlines and ensuring proper oversight of our client's projects.

Our Mission

To be the best contractor in our industry.

To provide construction services of superior quality at competitive prices with steadfast commitment to the best interests of each project.

To execute the architectural vision precisely, utilizing solid building fundamentals with skill, ingenuity and innovation.

Earning the trust and loyalty of our clientele with dedication, dependability, communication, accountability and consistency.